October 4th, 2018


Drabble time ... Green-Eyed Monster

A little drabble written for the Fanfiction.net weekend drabble challenge.  The challenge word was 'passion'.


There's one particular aspect of her relationship with Dean that Baby struggles with - or not, apparently.


People know I'm Dean's best girl, that I dote on him and he dotes on me. I'm very protective of Dean, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. I provide him with warmth, comfort, sleep and …

Well, people often ask if I get jealous of the girls Dean brings back for a night of passion in my rear seat.

Well, the fact is, I don't. Not at all. They're only serving a purpose, and giving my boy a moment of pleasure. Brainless, fat-assed, airheaded, fish-faced, trout-lipped, swivel-eyed, trashy little strumpets.

Why on Earth would I be jealous of them?