September 28th, 2018


Fandom Friends rock!

Last night I headed up to London after work to meet up with kazluvsbooks who was over here in good old Blighty from her native Australia along with her lovely friend Julie.

As an added bonus, the meet up included milly_gal, amberdreams and Sue, a JIBcon regular who just happens to work ten minutes down the road from me!!!

As with any first time meet up for fandom friends, it was a magical night, and the connection was effortless, we had a ball.  And pizza, there was lots of pizza!

I unfortuntely didn't take any photos as I'd forgotten to charge my phone durring the day and my battery was on its last legs, but I've purloined a couple from milly_gal who was able to capture a few magical moments for us.

(Please forgive the formal attire - as I said - straight from work!!)

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