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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
03 September 2018 @ 09:19 am
I'm back frrom a VERY sunny Isle of Wight (red nose ahoy!) and finally looking back on another dapplegrey art summer.
I always love the Wolverton Manor Garden Festival, it's set in the grounds of a beautiful late 15th century manor house which has a moat that children can kayak on. 

The festival has displays of Tudor and Stewart dancing and so there are lots of beautifully costumed re-enactors walking around, and the whole day just has a nice rural, quinetesssentially English feel about it.

From a completely selfish point of view, I also like the show because it's where I get my biggest pitch, and so I can really make the stall look impressive with lots of stuff on display:

All in all, it was a lovely weekend.  It was nice to be back and Wolverton, and lovely to see my parents again.  But the dapplegrey summer is over, and now it's on to my Germany adventure with herminekurotowa, sinfulslasher and meazrael_64.  I'm sad that julchen11 won't be able to join me, but circumstances are what they are, and hopefully we cn make up for it some other time :)

I'm taking a few minutes time out while I do my washing, then packing starts in earnest!

My to-do list is getting longer not shorter, so I neeed to get my arse off the couch and into the shower.  NOW!

Catch up soon xx
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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
03 September 2018 @ 09:22 am
Let me leave you with this little guy who turned up on my Facebook feed last week, and now owns my heart.  :D

He's living proof that the simple things in life are the best!


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