August 27th, 2018


Here it is ... the zorbing trip that shall not be spoken of!

It's a public holiday here in the UK, so today I've been pottering around having a bit of a tidy up in the house, and I came across a memory stick shoved in the back of a drawer.  When I checked its contents, I realised it was the video of my ill-fated zorbing day back in June!

This video is hilarious - it's the first run we did - the one that didn't go pear shaped, and it just has to be shared!

The first couple of minutes is footage of my friend Dave from the camera strapped to me, and then the rest of the video was footage of me, from Dave's camera.

It's a shame the day ended on a bit of a disaster, because we had great fun, but whatever - worse things happen!

So just sit back and enjoy the madness!!