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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
I think it's 72 … I could be wrong.  To be fair, I barely know what day of the week it is at the moment.

So this week has seen me running around like a blue arsed fly again.  After getting back from the Isle of Wight late on Sunday, I spent Monday and Tuesday evenings after work running off and mounting more dapplegrey prints and other items to replace the ones that were sold last weekend.

Yesterday, after work, I jumped on what was possibly the slowest train in the history of the world, and headed off to London to meet the lovely herminekurotowa for coffee and chats.  Unfortunately, as I came straight from the office, she had the rare 'privilege' of seeing me all booted and suited - a scary sight indeed for those who think I exist only in jeans and Supernatural T shirts!

Today, I left work early for a physiotherapy appointment which went relatively well; progress is steady rather than spectacular, but as I can now lift my arm beyond 90 degrees without support, I'm taking that as a win.  That was followed by a quick change and then a movie night with my mate Dave (who is still visibly shrinking every time he mentions my shoulder) to go to see Mamma Mia 2.

Tomorrow after work, I head down to the Island for the second dapplegrey art show of the summer - this time, a one day show on Saturday.  It's an outdoor show, so I'm crossing everything that can physically be crossed for dry weather!

And, as well as all this, in between times, I did manage to write one little drabble for the Fanfiction.net drabble challenge; this week's challenge word was 'lick'.

And here it is ...


And finally, I'm just going to leave this here for you all to make up for the fact that sightings of me around here have been rarer than rocking horse crap this week.

Stop the world, I want to get off ...

So, with my apologies and compliments, have some fanfiction green eyes, courtesy of the lovely Monica D!Collapse )

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