July 29th, 2018


Hot Stuff - a Sweaty Boys Picspam

It's no secret that most of the planet is basking in a heatwave at the moment, and that means that everyone's hot and bothered - or bothered and hot if you prefer - we don't discriminate here at the Dizzo journal.

Now, of course, when most of us mere mortals get hot, we turn into limp-haired, wilting, par-broiled lobster lookalikes *points to self*.  However, when certain genetically-blessed individuals, eg: the individual components of J2M, get hot, they just turn into shinier, pinker, versions of their usual gorgeous selves...

This just makes us mere mortals hotter, which makes us ... see my previous comment about 'limp-haired, wilting, par-broiled lobster lookalikes'.

It's the ultimate vicious circle.

Observe, proof of this phenomenon below:

Sweaty Jensen

Collapse )