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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
30 June 2018 @ 11:01 pm
I don't think I've actually mentioned this here yet, but bizarrely, about a week ago, my cousin Yvonne slipped over in the shower and broke her collarbone.  It must be something in the family!

We were having a chat a couple of days ago, and decided that it would be fun if we both 'blinged' our slings, and so, here we are, duly blinged!

A matching pair ...Collapse )
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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
30 June 2018 @ 11:09 pm
I've been over on the Isle of Wight today, mainly to see my Dad for his birthday, but also to deliver my latest commission to its new owner (and get paid for it!!)

The portrait of Major was the second doggy portait I've done for this particular lady, the first being of her Golden Lab, Harry, and I'm delighted to say she was very happy with it.

In fact, when we were on our way home, I got sent the following picture - maybe a couple more satisfied customers?

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