June 24th, 2018


100 Days of Happiness - Day 61

So, I wasn't about on line yesterday because of this:

Yesterday saw dapplegrey art's long-overdue first show of the season. Due to my current one-armed-banditness, I had drafted in the help of the long-suffering Mr D, and my dear friend, Dave to set up the stall for me and as you can see, they did a sterling job! It was a lovely day with music and sunshine and lots of interest. it's great to be back!

Now I have a race against time to be able to drive for the peak art season in August.  I have five weeks yesterday to the first major Isle of Wight show, and at the moment, I can't move my left arm at the shoulder at all, so can't even reach the steering wheel, let alone turn it!

Physiotherapy will be my focus this month, methinks!!!


100 Days of Happiness Day 62

I've been working on this pic for a while now - it's dragged on a bit unfortunately - I think with everything else that's been going on, my head hasn't really been in the groove, but I got there in the end!

It's pretty much complete now, all bar finishing touches such as whiskers and background shading ...
(The colour is a bit naff because this was taken under a flash)