May 23rd, 2018


Convention Review no. 2 - Jus in Bello

Our Jus in Bello adventures began somewhat chaotically, when almost everyone’s flight was affected by European aircrew strikes which were planned for the same time as the beginning of JIB.

I was a bit miffed when I got notification from BA three days before I flew that my flight was being bumped by four hours and so I would be arriving at 9.30 pm instead of 5.30 pm, however, in hindsight, I can see that I got off very lightly compared to some people whose flights were completely cancelled.

I met up with xlittleangx at Heathrow, as we were on the same plane and we had a spot of lunch (plus something nice and chilled from New Zealand) before we headed to our gate and boarded the flight.

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