May 4th, 2018


100 Days of Happiness - 52

So... my convention adventures start here!

I'm aware that I haven't been as active as usual on my F/list over the last few days, and sorry for that ... it's been a pretty crazy few days while I wrap up work and prepare everything for a concentrated fortnight of con madness!

Off work for two and a half weeks, I have three conventions coming up in as many weekends.

Up at the sparrow's fart of dawn to drive up to Birmingham for Creation SPNUK Con tomorrow, it's a hundred miles (more or less) and I aim to get there about 8 am.  The con started today, but I was finishing up at work, and I have been living vicariously through the girls who are already there, and them WhatsApping each other about where they're going and what they're doing!

I'm driving back home from Birmingham on Monday morning, and will have approximately 24 hours to turn things around; to do some laundry, and reacquaint myself with Mr D (he's recording Eurovision Song Contest for us to watch Monday evening because that's always good for a laugh), then at lunchtime on Tuesday, it's off to Heathrow Airport, and beautiful Roma bound again for JIBcon.

I'll be a week in Rome, and then back home to dear old blighty for a whole two days, before I head back up the M40 to Birmingham for the Starfury Crossroads convention, and three days of fun and frolics there.

Back home on Monday, then a day off to chill on Tuesday (be prepared for the photo op ONSLAUGHT), and finally, back to work on Thursday.

There's not a day goes by that I don't think back to the day I discovered Supernatural and the fabulous opportunities it has afforded me, and even moreso, the amazing people it has brought into my life.  Every day of the next fortnight is going to remind me of the gifts it has given me.

amberdreams, heavenli24, herminekurotowa, sinfulslasher, stellamira, dean_hugs_sammy, sasha_dragon, xlittleangx, sillie82, chellexxx and too many others to remember, I'm counting down the hours until we catch up again xx

And speaking of gifts ...

As I'm going to be living out of hotel rooms on and off for most of the next two weeks, my online time may be a tad sporadic, so tag me into anything you really want me to see, and until then, I'll catch up when I can.

Love you all xx