April 19th, 2018


You really couldn't make it up ...

Many of you might recall that Mr D left his job in November because of prolonged micro-managing verging on bullying that drove him to the end of his tether and affected him so negatively, it started to impact his health.

Well, now he's away from that place, and three weeks into a new job which he's loving so far.  Then yesterday, his ex-Manager (and I use the term 'manager' in its loosest possible sense) texted, and invited him to her 40th birthday party!!!

I mean, really?  Is the stupid bitch that oblivious?   He said that in his exit interview, she absolutely couldn't see what he was complaining about, and why he left.  I thought she might be playing dumb to cover her arse, but no -  apparently she really is that ignorant.

I told him he needs to send her a two word response, and I expect one of those words to be 'off'.