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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
22 March 2018 @ 08:40 pm
Sitting making idle conversation last night, I mentioned to Mr D that the wintry weather has made the skin on my face very dry, and that in the mirror that morning, I'd noticed a couple of flaky patches either side of my nose and across my cheeks.  My normal moisturiser clearly wasn't keeping up with the task, so I decided I needed to start using something a bit richer.  There is an oatmeal based brand of mosturising and nourishing lotion on the Market called 'Aveeno' which I'd used very successfully in the past, and so I decided I needed to start using it again. Therefore, the conversatiion went thus ...

Me: This stupid cold weather is making my face really dry.  I must pop into Boots tomorrow and pick up some Aveeno for it. (FYI, Boots is UK's leading pharmacist/drug store chain).
Mr D: Vino?
Me: No, not Vino, A-veeno; bloody Vino's not going to help my dry skin, is it?
Mr D: Well, if you drink enough of it, you won't give a shit whether your skin's dry or not, so it helps in a way ...

And who can argue with that logic!
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