March 7th, 2018


So, the time has come ...

... for me to say goodbye and thankyou to an old friend!

I've had my good old white Sony Vaio laptop since late 2010, and I absolutely love it.  It's a bit of a brick and weighs a ton, and it's still running Windows 7.  It's travelled all over the place, been on planes, trains, buses and in cars, it's been carted around in my laptop bag, it's been dropped at least twice, and it's barely had a day off in eight years.  And in all that time, it's never once let me down!

But now it's showing its age; the casing is cracked from when I dropped it, half the keys have worn blank, the V key doesn't work properly, and the disk drive is jammed shut.

And over recent months, I've noticed it's running slower and slower, the internet falls over and freezes regularly, it's started having more and more start up issues, and just this week, MS Office has somehow got corrupted and doesn't work any more.

So it's time to face the inevitable; my dear old Vaio needs to be put out to grass.

I've been backing everything up on memory sticks this evening just in case my old friend finally gives up the ghost anytime soon.

Luckily, I managed to secure a nice bonus from work last month, so that means a new laptop is on the agenda in my very immediate future, and any new laptop will need to be something special because it'll have very big boots to fill!

Another reason why I love my laptop is, as the saying goes, because my friends live in it.  Well, pack up guys, you're moving!