January 12th, 2018


Our Milly is having a birthday!!

And so, a certain special someone has hijacked my journal to pay their own respects to the gorgeous birthday girl, milly_gal ...

I'm sure the erstwile King of Hell won't mind if I add my own humble greetings to his charming sentiments (and if he does, then it's too bloody bad!) ...

Milly, I hope your special day is all kinds of awesome, and that the lurgy bug decides that your birthday is the right time to bugger off and let you get much, much better.

Have fun, you deserve only the best of everything!

Dizzo xxx

Snowflake Challenge - Day 11

Day 11 - Share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life

I discovered Supernatural TV show on Christmas Day 2009, and, yes, it changed my life forever.

Of course, in the very first instance it was total shallowness that drew me in (have you actually seen Jared and Jensen?), but as I gradually caught up on the four seasons I'd missed, I began to realise the sheer depth of these characters and the intricate and tumultuous story behind them.

I'm not a huge TV watcher, but there have been shows before that I've watched and really enjoyed.  However, I never once felt the urge to write fanfiction or make fan art for them.  I still don't. I'm simply content just to sit and watch and enjoy them.  

Something about Supernatural affected me very differently.  I've no idea what; maybe it's the brilliant way the cast and crew value and interact with the fans; maybe it is simply that J, J & M are such beautiful people inside and out; whatever it is, I still haven't quite got my head around what it is!

But, as great as our Supernatural is, the thing that changed my life was discovering and entering the Supernatural fandom in May 2010. It's not that I was lonely or isolated before I discovered Supernatural; far from it. I had a great network of friends, and still do, but the additional friendships and experiences that have opened up to me entirely thanks to fandom are incredible. I count people from all over the world as friends now; people I would never had met under other circumstances, many of whom have made the transition from on-line to real life friends.  And the best thing is, these are people that share my inner nerdery, which is the one facet of my personality that I was never really able to share with many of my 'pre-Supernatural' friends.

Fandom  gave me the opportunity to rediscover a love of creative writing, a hobby I'd long since given up on for lack of inspiration and lack of a readership. It also gave me the opportunity and purpose to teach myself how to do digital art (something I'd never even thought about before), and the confidence to attempt drawing people again; something I hadn't done much of since school because I never really felt I was much good at it. Having the actors at cons tell me how much they like their portraits and how flattered they are that I took the time to do the drawings, has made my confidence soar.

Supernatural will always be special to me because of the friendships I've made. Very precious and amazing friendships.  The show will eventually end, and the fandom will dwindle, but those friendships I've made will be with me for life!
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