July 25th, 2017


I'm sorry ...

... I know you've all seen this dozens of times this week, so I apologise for subjecting you to the 'same old same old' yet again, but bloody hell - I NEED this on my journal!


A Twitter Surprise!

I'm not very active on Twitter at all.  There's too many crazies and unpleasantness there for my liking, I don't really get it, and in three years I've only made about sixty tweets.  But a couple of months ago, I did start to follow David Haydn-Jones, mainly to thank him for coming to Asylum and tell him I was looking forward to meeting him, but also because he seemed like a genuinely decent bloke who was really embracing the whole 'fandom' exxperience.

And apparently he is very much a genuinely decent bloke.  I've noticed that he seems to love seeing peoples;' fan art, so when I finished my Mr Ketch picture the other day, I tweeted it to him thinking, 'I might even get a 'like', you never know  ...'

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