July 22nd, 2017


A question for my German chums ...

To my German F/listies, I want to pick your brains!

Mr Dizzo has, over the last couple of years on and off, been doing a German language course online.  Not for any specific reason, just simply because he's always wanted to learn another language, and German is the one he chose.

To help him along, he's asked me to ask if any of you know of a German radio station that has an app that he can download on his phone and listen to in the car to get some exposure to the German language being spoken for real by German people.

He doesn't want anything too heavy, no political commentary or anything, just general chit-chat, music, news and weather, that sort of thing.

If any of you have any ideas of something that might suit, just leave the name as a comment here, and I'll pass it on to the man himself!

Thank you :)