March 12th, 2017


Here's Steve!

So, it's been a productive day.

My first picture for the May cons is finished, and as I've already got a picture of ubiquitous trenchcoat Castiel,  here's Castiel in another guise - during his Steve era!


30 Day meme challenge

Day 4 - The meaning behind your Tumblr name

There's nothing very exciting to tell ...

My Tumblr name is the same as my Livejournal name, Dizzojay.

Dizzo is a nickname based on my surname that I've had for years, long before I joined fandom and I'm just Dizzo on which was my first fandom online home.

When I decided to join Livejournal, there was already a Dizzo on there, so I added my first initial, J, or Jay.

Ever since then, I've been Dizzojay on most of the online platforms I've joined, including Tumblr, which I no longer use or hardly ever visit because there's just too many crazies over there for my liking!

Day 3