November 19th, 2016


Fanworks Auction for BT_Kady

My dear friend herminekurotowa has started a fanworks auction as follows:

Cancer belongs to the worst news a person could get.

bt_kady just had a hysterectomy, and they found tumors in the organs. Hopefully, the biopsy will show that it didn't spread yet. Nevertheless, Kathy has to expect a boatload of medical bills that she won't be able to pay. She has a Gofundme page where you can donate directly, or you can help by participating in the auction, and/or spreading the word among your friends.

I've put in two offers, one for fic and one for art. Here are the links ...

Offer 1 - Fic
Offer 2 - Art

Here is the link to the auction post in case you felt like taking part.  Please spread the word!