October 7th, 2016


The Tao of Mr Dizzo

Talking over a bottle of wine this evening, I mentioned to Mr Dizzo that I had an email exchange today with a lady from my old job, and that we're getting together for a drinkie next week.

"Oh that's nice," he replies; "how are things in the old place, is Gaz still there?"

"Yes," say I, curling my lip in disgust; "he's still there, still being an arsehole apparently."

Mr D replies; "you shouldn''t call him an arsehole, that's hardly fair."

I bristle furiously.  "What d'y mean not fair?"

"Well," says Mr D; "arseholes are very important; they serve a really practical purpose.  That's more than you can say for Gaz the dickweasel."

How can I argue with that logic??