April 3rd, 2016


What a lucky Dizzo I am!

Well, I celebrated another birthday this week, and once again, I have been overwhelmed by all the  love and happiness that has headed my way, both here on line and in real life.

I am truly, truly blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people!

Here's a review of everything I received:

Birthday shiny from chellexxx
Dean deliciousness from zara_zee
A gorgeous story banner from milly_gal
Love and best wishes from milly_gal's mini peeps over at spn_on_parade
Booted and suited shiny from raloria
Jensen scrumptiousness from imfinesaysdean
More Jensen scrumptiousness from sasha_dragon
Song and dance celebrations from jj1564's mini peeps over at spn_on_parade
Sweet wishes from 999alena
Amazing song spam fun from jj1564
Glorious art porn from herminekurotowa
Dean and Jensen delight from sillie82
Mini Peeps Easter Birthday Fun from heliokleia at spn_on_parade
Even more Jensen scrumptiousness from casey28
Shirtless Dean delight from whysosadbunny
Yet more Jensen scrumptiousness from emmatheslayer

I had truly amazing real life gifties including a fantastic DVD,  gorgeous flowers, cute and cuddly Mini Peeps, a scrummy Dean Mug and lots of other goodies from amberdreams, jj1564, and edina_clouds128

V Gifts and PMs from milly_gal, frozen_delight, fairyniamh, soncnica, zelda_addict, fanspired, saltandburnboys, Thank you all!!

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And to everyone else who left me comments and good wishes here and on Facebook,  far too numerous to mention here, thank you - I love my F/listies so much!!

If I have forgotten anything, it's nothing personal - it's just age!  Let me know, and I will include it right away!!

Now I'm going to go before I start sounding like an Oscar winner :D

A Weighty Issue


Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,300 approx

Dean's a tough guy, but there's one part of him that's very easy to injure ... his pride!

Written as a birthday gift for my wonderful partner in drabbling, vansgroi whose big day is tomorrow. Hope your day is fabulous my friend!

Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own him.

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