April 1st, 2016


Thank you!

I've had a birthday today, and other stuff has been going on as well which has made it a long and exhausting day.

I am so overwhelmed with all the lovely  gifts that I've had, both on line and in real life, I'm such a very lucky Dizzo!

I'll put together a masterpost of all my shiny over the weekend, but let me just state here that I'm thrilled with everything, and so very, very grateful!  I can't wait to share it with you all.

In the meantime, here's a taster of my evening ....


Wow ... What a Week!

Well, that was the week that was.

Today was the day I finally left my company, after thirteen years.  I said right at the beginning of the week that if I get through until the end of Friday without bawling, it'll be a bloody miracle.

There were no miracles.  At lunchtime today when I was saying goodby to my girlies, I was bawling!

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Meet Neville!

Okay, so I said I had one more leaving gift, and one that deserved it's own dedicated post. However, I need to give you a little background first ...

I got this gift on Wednesday, and it came from a lady called Heather who I've worked with ever since I started there.  Heather has a delightfully bonkers sense of humour, and that's why I get along with her so well.

Anyway, very many years ago, I returned from a long and boring stint in our archives in the old building which were isolated, dirty, cobwebby and generally nasty.  As I walked back into the office, Heather called out to me, "lonely yet?"

To which I replied (and I've no idea how or why this popped into my mind); "nah, I'm fine, I made friends with a dead spider called Neville."

And thus, the legend of Neville, our shared imaginary friend was born.

Anyway, Heather called me into her office on Wednesday, and there was ... Neville!

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