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I'm such a bad daughter!

I've just spent a lovely weekend on the Isle of Wight, visiting my parents.

One of my major aims during my regular visits there is to drag my technophobe father into the 21st century.  This has been a long and laborious process which has been slightly more painful than pulling teeth with a pair of rusty pliers, and it's far from over.  It's been made more difficult as they have no broadband (they have no computer), and the Isle of Wight is blessed with a mobile phone signal which I'm convinced is powered by a three-legged hamster on a turbine.

But at Christmas, I finally convinced him to upgrade his mobile from the prehistoric brick he has been using for about the last five years to something with a camera - we haven't got as far as smartphones yet - and this weekend I took his new phone down to him and together we introduced him to the delights of receiving photos, taking photos and texting them.

Unbeknownst to me, however, his new phone has Tetris on it.  Something he discovered purely by accident this morning while I was out at their local leisure centre having a Sunday morning swim.

And now he's totally and utterly, hopelessly addicted.

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