July 29th, 2014


I have corrupted an innocent ... my work is done!

A new IT guy started at my work a couple of months ago; a sweet techie type with a touch of the Sheldon Cooper about him.

Sitting in the board room with him last week waiting for a meeting to start we were chatting and the subject got onto TV, and I just happened to mention - guess what - Supernatural.

"Oh, awesome show," says he.

My ears pricked up.

"So, who's your favourite Winchester?" he asked.

"Well, if course I'm a Dean girl,"

"Good choice," he grinned.

I couldn't help a knowing smile; "oh yeah?  We got a little bit of a man-crush going on here then?"

"Could have," he smirked.

Then we briefly got onto the subject of the conventions before the boring farts from the payroll software company turned up and spoiled our delightful little exchange.

The following morning, he strolled into my office and asked if I could send him some information about the convention in Birmingham because he's talked to his girlfriend over night and she was really up for it, so I sent him the link to the Rogue website.

He came to see me again this morning; he's booked his tickets to Asylum 13.

Welcome to the dark side, my friend!