July 23rd, 2014


Shoulder smoulder

It may have escaped the attention of my lovely f-list, but the fact stands that our darling Jensen has a mighty fine pair of shoulders.

Like a pair of granite megaliths they are imposing wonders of the human world, a sight to draw gasps of awe from all who behold them, and yet they are frequently glossed over in favour of sparkling green eyes, dazzling smile, fuck-me freckles, swaggering bow legs, obscenely plush lips ... etcetera etcetera

Occupying that picturesque hinterland between glorious face and magnificent chest, it's hardly surprising that our boy's shoulders are often overlooked. Therefore, with that in mind,  I am here today to put that grievous injustice right and therefore, without further ado, I am thrilled to present:

Jensen's shoulders - a small appreciation

 photo tumblr_ml7vmd21ZU1rzhyyio2_250_zps107cb53d.gif
Observe the magnificence, C'mon Jensen, give us a twirl ...

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