May 19th, 2014


100 days of 'Happier than Mr Hap P. McHappiness in Happytown' - Day 61

Throughout all the elbow-sharpening, ear splitting, voice-knackering, foot-pounding chaos that was Asylum 12, I managed to do both things that were foremost in my mind.

The first was to meet Jared, after 4 years of floating around the fandom, this was the first time I have actually managed to be in the same room as him, and I have to say, he didn't  disappoint; he was cute, charming, attentive, funny and tall.  Veeeeeeeeeery tall ...

The other thing was to get some of my Supernatural artwork signed, (the stuff I have been neglecting Mr Dizzo for over the last three months).  Sadly Jim Beaver had to cry off due to work commitments (but he's already signed up for A13 - yay!), so I was left with five pictures to get autographed.

And here they are!
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Ramblings from the Asylum

Well, it was a fine weekend.

1,800 rabid Supernatural fans in one confined area; Sam girls, Dean girls and Destiel shippers, uncorralled and unchecked ... nations have gone to war over less.

But, with a great line-up of guests and the promise of meeting those kindred spirits that I only see at these events, I set off along with my partner-in-Supernatural, edina_clouds128 and on arrival we met up with fellow miscreants amber1960 and sasha_dragon.

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Thanks to those lovely ladies I mentioned above and many more besides for making a fab weekend even fabber!