April 16th, 2014


In order to rectify a grievous oversight ...

Many of you may be aware of the certain existence of certain photos of a certain Mr Ackles playing a certain game in a certain state of undress.

Well, I was horrified to discover that a certain friend, *ahem*  milly_gal *ahem*, mentioning no names, has NEVER seen these certain pictures.

Therefore, I am overjoyed to rectify that grievous oversight.

... and to have an excuse to post more shirtless Jensen pictures.

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100 Days of Happiness - Day 35

Bit of a cheat because I didn't take this photo today, but It's the 16th of April and that reminded me that it's exactly one month until Asylum 12 begins.

Following on from my Bobby drawing yesterday, I'm continuing the Bobby theme because, well, Bobby makes me very, very happy.

Jim Beaver is going to Asylum 12 and he was also at Asylum 8.  He was a gracious, delightful man and I was thrilled to meet him.  Does it show in my photoshoot?

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