April 10th, 2014


I did it! I did my voice meme :)

I couldn't resist joining in the voice fun.  This is a little bit ad hoc because I wanted to do it while I was in the house by myself, but hopefully it's not too chaotic.  The recording sounds a little bit fuzzy at times, don't know if that's the quality of my microphone, the quality of my playback or just the quality of my speaking skills!

Now that I've recorded, I could think of so many things I wanted to add, but that would have probably made my recording about four hours long, so let's be thankful for small mercies, huh?

But, whatever ... this is me!


And this is Dean.


You can find this meme here at tebtosca's journal.

A Final Push for Jensen

Oh heck, I'm not sure my blood pressure can take this ...

untitled (2)

The Alpha male challenge is down to the final two and our boy is only 1% in front.
Are they serious?  Isn't my hair grey enough already?
We can't abandon him with the winning line in sight so lets vote, vote, vote.
Let's make sure the world knows that there CAN be only one Alpha


This is Dizzo, signing off and facing repetitive strain injury in her voting finger ...
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