March 25th, 2014


Your Jensen Needs You


Our Jensen has, quite rightly, been winning the E!Online 'Alpha Male' poll since the dawn of time.  He stands undefeated and unrivalled in his sheer alphaness, bestriding the inferior men of the celebrity world like a bow-legged colossus.
This year, however, the apocalypse is clearly upon us because ... he's losing!  IN THE FIRST ROUND - (there, yes, sorry I had to shout it), to some bloke I've never heard of, from a show I've never seen.
Currently, the margin is 36% - 64% and we've already pushed it up from 18% - 82% as it stood yesterday.  The hot money is on some nefarious inter-fandom shenanigans ganging up on our boy!
This can't be allowed to happen.  It is an offence against everything that's good and noble and hot as a freakin' supernova in this world.

So, Once more unto the breach, dear friends ... there are two days left; sally forth and do your duty.
Your Jensen needs you!
(don't forget to complete the silly little capcha thingy at the bottom of the page before you vote)

Profound thanks - you all rock!
Dizzo out ...