June 26th, 2011


Way out West part 1 of 3 - massive scary spoilers for 6.18 Frontierland

One of my lovely and treasured readers on FF.net asked me if I would write a multi-chapter fic revolving around our scrumptious boys coming a cropper in the wild wild west.

After some consideration, cogitation and contemplation, I was happy to oblige with some 19th century whumping and schmoop (it's basically the same as 21st century whumping and schmoop only doesn't smell so good.

Step this way ...

WAY OUT WEST - big, big spoilers for 6.18, Frontierland

Rating: T
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Humour (bit of everything really)
Word Count: 17,500 (in 3 parts)


What if Bobby's soul couldn't mend Castiel completely after the angel was attacked ...?

What if it was going to take a long time for Castiel to regain his strength ...?

What if he couldn't get the boys back ...?

What if I stop rambling and just get on with the story ..?




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