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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

I name my cars according to some or all of the letters in their registration plate to help me remember it.  So far I've had Zippy, Hobbit and Beep!
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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
27 April 2011 @ 09:11 pm

Has anyone else spent Easter eating chocolate to the point of exploding?


Just me then ...

Anyway, taking that into account along with a deliciously sweet quote from our boy Dean's alter ego, the adorable Jensen, I felt inspired to inflict some candy-related damage ...

Disclaimer: I don't own Dean or his sore tummy.  More's the pity :(

Rating: K+
Genre: Angst/Humour
Word count: approx 100


Gummy TummyCollapse )
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