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Ten Days Meme - Day 5

Day 1 - Ten random facts about yourself
Day 2 - Nine things you do everyday
Day 3 - Eight things that annoy you
Day 4 - Seven fears/phobias
Day 5 - Six songs that you’re addicted to
Day 6 - Five things you can’t live without
Day 7 - Four memories you won’t forget
Day 8 - Three words you can’t go a day without
Day 9 - Two things you wish you could do
Day 10 - One person you can trust

1. The Show Must Go On - Queen            (so poignant when you consdider the circumstances)
2. Carry On May Wayward Son - Kansas  (of course!)
3. Chariots of Fire - Vangelis                     (Okay, not a 'song' as such, but fabulous piece of music)
4. Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks          (Only the Terry Jacks version, NOT that vanilla pile of crap that Westlife made it into.  I can't ever listen to that song without getting chills)
5. Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield          (Great beat, great melody, and lyrics that tell a story)
6. Waterloo - ABBA                                    (Sorry, it's a guilty pleasure - such a feelgood song).   
Tags: facts about me, meme-y stuff

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