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How difficult can it be ...?

My work is going through a period of massive expansion and change at the moment, and that includes the kitchen.  We have a new Chef Manager who has brought in new staff and is trying to bring old ones up to speed.  He's a great guy, so I'm sure in the long run everything is going to be fantastic!

However, in the meantime, this has meant that ordering lunch from our kitchens has become an experience that's not for the faint hearted!

Last week, I ordered a cheese and mushroom omelette, and when I collected it, there wasn't a hint of a mushroom in sight. But it was deliciously cheesy, so I wasn't too disappointed.

Today, in an act of supreme optimism, I ordered the same thing and - yes, you guessed it - when I collected it, it was positively bursting with mushrooms. Shame it didn't have any cheese ...

I'm almost tempted to order it again tomorrow to see if it turns up without the eggs!

Dean wouldn't be impressed!
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