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Schemes and Secrets


Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship/Humour
Characters: Sam and Dean and others
Spoilers/Warnings: Story is not canon
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: Don't own them

Dean's spidey senses are telling him something's going on. But he's Dean Winchester, whatever it is, it can't possibly be good, can it?

200 words to mark a special occasion!


Dean sat listlessly at the laptop, staring at the screen but not seeing. He knew he should have been researching the poltergeist hunt but his train of thought was well and truly derailed.

Something was wrong, very wrong; Dean's spidey-senses were tingling wildly. There was something in the air; something imminent, maybe something terrible. All Dean knew was that Sam had been 'off' in recent days; making mysterious phone calls out of Dean's earshot, avoiding Dean and being evasive when pushed for information.

Dean slumped back into his chair and sighed as his stomach churned with bitter anticipation.


Dean's hackles rose as he suddenly felt a presence behind him.

He turned abruptly and his jaw dropped as he was confronted with the sight of Castiel, Bobby, Kevin, Charlie, Jody and Garth all laden with colourfully-wrapped gifts. Standing beside them was his smiling brother, clutching a giant cherry pie with a candle stuck in the middle.

He stood in overawed silence as they treated him to a tuneless rendition of Happy Birthday.

Dean's decades of training and his finely-honed instincts had been right after all; now something terrible was going to happen.

He was going to get hugged by Garth.



Tags: dean winchester, drabbles, sam winchester, supernatural

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