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What's Black and White and Green all over?

We all know and love the many colours of one Jensen Ackles:

Fanfiction green eyes, pouty pink lips, tawny freckles sprinkled over a golden complexion; he is a veritable rainbow of scrumptiousness.  However, it is a little known fact that he also looks good in black and white.  Very, VERY good in fact.

Herewith, I present my case.

 photo tumblr_ncztuabyfp1r7t4ijo1_500_zps294b711e.jpg

Of course, black and white can sometimes benefit from a little green embellishment ...

 photo f8107579bdd07b8e8bfc425d650036e3_zpsbfa5cfa5.jpg

White and black is good too.

 photo faa0010adf6166a0fa3bbbfde794fc87_zps8c5b3356.jpg

Or grey.

 photo 339177415655881351_spSqqIkx_c2_zps6469fb9c.jpg

Lots of different shades of grey.

 photo c05578597c77e4e8f3382b655f9517f2_zps79f595f8.jpg

Fifty shades of grey?

 photo ec6ec8c13bff2cde4406aa880f445170_zps5a78679c.jpg

We should be so lucky!

 photo tumblr_monqxntIzI1qkcx1fo1_5002_zpsa2274885.jpg

sometimes there's more black than white ...

 photo a8ffb559cf97b492ebac7f9f0967db23_zps637a38e3.jpg

Other times there's more white than black.

 photo 40b4f9bac864b68141992c6f8f51420a_zpse979bf67.jpg

We don't mind either way.

 photo tumblr_n470bmuTcB1qkcx1fo1_500_zps294188e9.png

Black and white and wet works too.

 photo a7e525cbee710205ea6e23aad20c9675_zpsba245116.jpg

Freckles look good in black and white.

 photo d422d955db59daa47d627275a8b11f5c_zps059473f3.jpg

But green eyes wouldn't be green in black and white ...

 photo 6cb1a6cf0467147d04dbf21ffe1480ce_zpsf92c69c7.jpg

Would they?

 photo 98764a36adef9039cccac4cfbdca53e6_zps8abc2574.jpg

No really, would they?

 photo 354cc4c70554044521e8b5e06e830587_zps4865969b.jpg

Jensen's lips, however, don't have to be pink to look good.

 photo 2768625d98877a4935421b1acd49ba10_zps1e318644.jpg

Black and white looks especially good in artsy-fartsy lighting

 photo 265164_210651695639525_199222970115731_549061_2642245_n2_zps25431727.jpg

And with artsy fartsy poses

 photo 5854cfd403be6221765366885d332bf0_zps5dcdffac.jpg

Black and white makes Jensen look moody and pensive.

 photo 179335_139312316133463_100001640874928_247112_6312800_n2_zps3154cf92.jpg

Well, sometimes ...

 photo 1180c83a9e7ae09f528e9c514f61d167_zps49ae73e2.jpg

Sometime Jensen can look moody and pensive at the same tiime as being black and white AND wet.

 photo 1893f0d41a662a18b780f0f4687a0e37_zpsb9f2bf50.jpg

Jensen's good at multi-tasking.

 photo 64ef814ee9c1391fe658acfed48eb2a7_zps0c554bff.jpg

See, he can look happy in black and white too.

 photo 56545f43a7123a4ba9c30d052fa9fd12_zps6fe25aee.jpg

Black and white shows off Jensen's face beautifully.

 photo 40bd846bde5b75db458c18d89a00c201_zpsba3a936a.jpg

Jensen's face is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

 photo 2c8f2b28996ee228551509510d797c64_zps1641ce7a.jpg

Whether it's smooth.

 photo 41c064261c48742e140fc759e3ca58e3_zpsb3e92ebf.jpg

Or scruffy.

 photo 0b1e92967f8c028d87bdf7a0ef771891_zps39886b1c.jpg

Oh look, it's moody and pensive again ...

 photo 20ba67eebc7727c23697d80d4e5be0e6_zps7c5e4baf.jpg

Swanky suits look good in black and white

 photo shoothbch2_zps62ddea3f.jpg.

So do swanky coats.

 photo 56e220acc06737ea027125c6201af5b2_zps769afeef.jpg

But, in black and white or colour, nothing looks better on Jensen than a smile.-

 photo tumblr_mavibmQMg61qdfg4jo1_500-Copy_zps9d9cfc6b.jpg

See what I mean?  Nothing looks great on Jensen.

 photo d446e8925f838b5b331b55c4919320e9_zps727abb72.jpg

Thank you friends.
To conclude, let us pay homage to the monochrome marvel that is Jensen.

Other images from Pinterest.  Let me know if I owe any credit!

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