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Arty-Farty stuff

Totally stealing amberdreams' idea!

I recently produced a few banners for crowleysxmas Covert Christmas Fic Exchange which has just been running over on spn_bigpretzel.

The whole challenge was lots of fun - with plenty of fabulous fiction to be had.  As it was a 'covert' Christmas exchange I can't reveal who wrote the stories yet (a. because I don't know, and b. because I don't want that obnoxious git Crowley to torture me for the rest of eternity), but I've attached the links to the stories with my artwork; feel free to go take a look and leave the as-yet-unknown authors some love!

 photo Midnight_zpsaa309cf2.jpg

He came upon the Midnight Clear

 photo ChallengePicCrowleyGavin_zps9b675986.png

Self Indulgent Curiosity

 photo vintage-blue-wallpaper-df75199_zpscde328b1.jpg

The Customer is always ... Weird

Tags: castiel, crowley, dean winchester, fan art, fan fiction, gavin, sam winchester, spn-bigpretzel

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