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In All Seriousness

I would like to make it known right here that Jensen is a very serious and sober-minded fellow.

Not given to flights of fancy or trifling whimsy, he is a man that always approaches the world with the gravitas and dignity that his station in life demands, rejecting frivolity and championing calm formality.

Therefore, I have decided to put together a suitably reserved pictorial collection to prove that our man, together with his equally staid and businesslike companions, Jared and Misha, is in fact a detatched and sedate and very serious individual ...

 photo ed874aa8490e8bd17342aa47d6db4e3421164_zpsb6036e71.jpg

... and not at all, as scurrilous rumours suggest, a complete dork.

Jensen behaves at all times with absolute dignity.

 photo jensen-ackles-supernatural-set-candids_zps51058223.jpg

He always maintains an air of professional detatchment ...

 photo 455ff985a5271eca1ecc191e01d9c961_zps47a9026d.jpg

... and respect for his colleagues ...

 photo tumblr_m79qn57hK51r71kvv_zpsieawpssw.gif

... which is always reciprocated.

 photo arq1fcdcaaepe0r-misha-nose-jen_zps38cf141e.jpg

Jensen requires that his appearance is exemplary at all times.  This includes his wardrobe ...

 photo tumblr_n6f7kqe6yl1qddzt8o8_1280_zps79b1a61c.jpg

... his attitude ...

 photo cd8e4e4af8860e817ae68f0c6a7c6bb2_zpse0362ee9.jpg

... and his behaviour.

 photo Jensen-Ackles---_zpssuvzdbx8.gif

Jensen demonstrates discipline in all aspects of his life.
Like eating ...

 photo tumblr_m6ciyqnTLt1rxc5t6o6_400_zpsf9f6c30f.jpg

... personal grooming ...

 photo SPNGAG_116_zps017d825d.jpg

... and exercising.

 photo tumblr_mj9dgqRSMB1qhkbteo3_250_zpswyp2uoci.gif

The results of such discipline are there for all to see.  Jared's impressed, see?

 photo tumblr_mwwdluxlo91qc3759o1_500_zpsc115cacd.jpg

He is always sure to keep only the most distinguished company.

 photo Santa_zpsfa21b992.jpg


 photo 376feb657a99d13b6dc4743baacff9b4_zps86d5e1dc.jpg

But even on his own, Jensen radiates respectability ...

 photo hot-hot-jensen-part-2-jensen-ackles-132660_450_526_zps89278a0b.jpg

... and poise ...

 photo tumblr_mxg7gkNYPO1rv1l2do7_500_zpsxacikdw9.gif

... and rock-solid reliability.

 photo 318133_600_zps4ab759c0.jpg

Jensen likes to live an understated life ...

 photo tumblr_n1qur1fxrz1qziz0xo1_500_zpsdb2207d1.png

...  maintaining a facade of calm rationallity, and not given to overt displays of emotion ...

 photo tumblr_m76v2vtnGh1rziwwco1_400_zpsv1dxybac.gif

 ... and he projects an air of trustworthiness.

 photo b99b2b900cae32ff75441422ff13da0d_zps08a9d1e9.jpg

No, really.

 photo c0e5967cc3b57fc262bc39a2efbf07cd_zpsfb9b1b24.jpg

So to summarise, our Jensen is a serious, sober-minded fellow ...

 photo tumblr_lsvvv8hNu51r1kbimo1_1280_zpsb58512e3.jpg

Um ...

 photo tumblr_m74yhgAABT1rziwwco1_400_zpsnsjty103.gif

Oh bollocks, who the hell am I trying to kid?

 photo Jensen-jensen-ackles-22626957-500-667_zps18fb9346.jpg

Take a bow, Jensen, you great big gorgeous goofball!

 photo dean-expression-funny-jensen-jensen-ackles-meu-forever-Favimcom-103615_zps57846283.jpg




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