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Another year older ...

No matter where I hide, it always sneaks up on me. 

Tomorrow, I become another year older; old enough to know better (apparently) but still young enough not to care :)

I can't really say 'another grey hair' because I lost count of those years ago, so I'm just gonna cling pathetically to the fact that I can still qualify as 'early' forties.

Due to a laughably bad bit of time management on my part - so I'm told - I managed to lumber myself with a birthday of April Fools Day and so naturally I saw this as a golden opoportunity for me to relaunch the prank wars.  Because it's stupid, and it always escalates, rtight?

Rating: K+
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Humour
Word Count: approx 100 words

WOW - rub. Dean's been naughty. He thinks it's funny, Sam doesn't share his opinion...
Disclaimer: Not mine, however nicely I ask!


"I'm so glad you're amused …"

Furiously rubbing the shaved patch on his head, Sam glared at the paralysed figure in front of him; bent double, body convulsing in silent tear-streaked sobs of uncontrollable, breathless laughter.

Clutching his aching stomach, Dean staggered across the room, his knees buckling beneath him.

Sam snorted angrily, still threading fingers through his mutilated hair.


The laughing stopped abruptly.

"S-sammy … " a small voice.

"… Sammy; c-can't straighten up!"

Sam grinned evilly as the hunched, panic-stricken figure hobbled towards him, timidly rubbing it's seized back.

He folded his arms; "hey Quasimodo … payback's a bitch, ain't it!"




Tags: backache, brothers, dean winchester, humiliating, humour, hurt comfort, pranks, sam winchester, supernatural

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