Dizzojay's Dean Dreams (dizzojay) wrote,
Dizzojay's Dean Dreams

Twelve Days of Christmas Meme

Drummers Drumming: Twelve facts about my holiday life
Pipers Piping: Eleven of my favourite things
Lords a-Leaping: Ten things I like about my personality
Ladies Dancing: Nine facts about my body
Maids a-Milking: Eight things I like about my friends
Swans a-Swimming: Seven foods I dislike
Geese a-Laying: Six quirks
Golden Rings: Five shiny things I like
Calling Birds: Four things I dislike about my life
French Hens: Three rivals/enemies
Turtle Doves: Two people I like
Partridge in a Pear Tree: My one love

1.  Strawberries are the anti-Christ.  Even the smell of the things turns my stomach.
2.  Licorice - I'm definitely with Sam on this one.
3.  Anything scuttly or slimy that comes out of the sea - fish don't count, they're yummy. I'm talking lobsters, prawns, oysters, mussels and anything else of that ilk!
4.  Pate
5.  Fizzy drinks, but Coke in particular
6.  Mushy peas - is there any country apart from Britain that is mad enough to even contemplate eating something that looks like a vile lump of gloop dredged out of the bottom of a pond?
7.  Tomatoes sliced or diced or whole.  I don't mind them mashed up and mixed with lots of other ingredients in say, a lasagne or a pizza.
Tags: christmas, meme-y stuff

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