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December Meme - 17th December

tifaching asked: You have more ways to get Dean naked than anyone I've ever read. And I love you for it. How do keep coming up with them?

Well, thank you, hun - I'm delighted my Winchester pervery is appreciated.

What the lovely Tifaching says is quite true, I do love to get those boys' clothes off at any given opportunity.
Spn Big-Pretzel even set up 'naked Sam' and 'naked Dean' tags just for me.

But, in terms of 'how to I come up with them'?  I have no secret or magic formula, just a love of those two beautiful men that makes me feel the need to see a lot more of them than the media gives me, so I let my imagination fill in the gaps.

It's also helped along by the fact that I have a very unsophisticated sense of humour that lends itself perfectly to the old fashioned, extremely politically incorrect British sense of humour, and voila - the perfect storm for Sam and Dean's clothes.


Thanks for playing x
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