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Twelve Days of Christmas Meme

Okay, I've been holding off on doing this ... too much going on says I.  Way too busy for yet another meme ...

Yeah, like hell!

Drummers Drumming: Twelve facts about my holiday life
Pipers Piping: Eleven of my favourite things
Lords a-Leaping: Ten things I like about my personality
Ladies Dancing: Nine facts about my body
Maids a-Milking: Eight things I like about my friends
Swans a-Swimming: Seven foods I dislike
Geese a-Laying: Six quirks
Golden Rings: Five shiny things I like
Calling Birds: Four things I dislike about my life
French Hens: Three rivals/enemies
Turtle Doves: Two people I like
Partridge in a Pear Tree: My one love

1. My husband (Barry) and I have a tradition of eating cheese on toast for Christmas breakfast.  It was the breakfast we ate on our first Christmas together, and we've done it ever since.
2. I broke my left wrist on Christmas Day 1995 slipping over on ice. Christmas in A&E was an interesting experience.  Eight years later, my Mum broke her left wrist slipping over on ice on Christmas Eve!
3. Barry has a set of musical bells he's had since he was about eight (he's forty six now).  We have to hang them in the house every year and I hate them because the chimes have gone all wonky and slurry.  I long for the day they finally crap out for good!
4. The only time I have ever been to church at Christmas, I was not quite two and apparently, I screamed and cried until my Mum took me outside.  It was obviously a forewarning of my athiest leanings!
5. As a non-religious person I don't recognise Christmas as a religious festival, but I still like to honour the spirit of Christmas by remembering the people I love, and making an effort to catch up with those I haven't been able to hook up with during the year.
6. I believe totally in the old adage that it is better to give than to receive, and I love choosing Christmas presents. (My bank Manager doesn't, but we don't care about him, do we?)
7. As a child I lived in a ground floor flat in London.  I once asked my Dad how Father Christmas could get in because we didn't have a chimney and he told me that Father Christmas had a magic key that opened every door in the world.
8. I've spent three Christmases away from home - (by which I mean my own home or my parents' home) - two in Belgium, and one in a hotel in Warwickshire.
9. I hate Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and mince pies, so I'm a bit of a dead loss with Christmas desserts!
10. The best Christmas present I ever had was 'Oscar' in 1985.  Oscar was a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, and my parents bought him for me because I'd lost my previous pet rabbit, Snowy, to cancer at nine years of age the month before.  I'd be the first to admit that I'm completely opposed to giving pets as Christmas presents, but I think my Mum and Dad knew me well enough to know that I was a sap, and that it would only be a matter of time before I was hankering after another rabbit.  I kept Oscar as a house rabbit, much to my Mum's disapproval, and he was my little best buddy from the time I was seventeen until I was twenty seven.  He even had a starring role on my wedding video!

1511248_10152223626081754_2059807054_nMeet Oscar!

11. Barry and I bought our current Christmas tree for our first Christmas together as a married couple.  Twenty years later, it's still with us, and I think it still looks pretty respectable ...


12. I discovered Supernatural on Christmas Day 2009!!!
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