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December Meme - 7th December

milly_gal asked; what is your fave thing about being within the spn fandom?

Well, I've sort of covered that in this post, and the simple answer is - all the fabulous friends I've met through Supernatural.  In that respect being in the spn fandom has entriched my life beyond my wildest imagainings!

So, to avoid repeating myself, I'm going to run with the next best thing about being in the Spn fandom which is that it has inspired me to rediscover a love of creative writing that I'd long since given up on.

I love to write. When I was at school, my best subjects by a mile were Art and English. I’ve always been a very creative person.

When I do my art, I use pastels and pencils to create colours and shapes and textures on a piece of paper; to me words are just another artistic medium. They also create colour, shapes and texture.

While art was always my primary love, I occasionally indulged in a little creative writing and back in the early nineties I took a home study course with the Writer’s Bureau and that was really useful; I even got a couple of articles published in magazines as a result of it, but ultimately (this was long before the days of the internet), getting something published was a long, demoralising, time-consuming and expensive process, which very rarely came to anything and so I ended up writing stories for no-one to read. Barry would glance over them and nod encouringly and tell me they were great, but gradually my interest dwindled to the degree that I just didn’t write creatively for very many years.

Then at Christmas 2009 I discovered Supernatural, and about six weeks later I discovered Supernatural fanfiction. Suddenly I had a hyperactive muse and an awesome global audience and the rest is history -  I’ve never looked back!!

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