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December Meme - 5th December

My great buddy and partner in crime, milly_gal asked me, what was my best ever xmas day? and why?

I've never really done Christmas in a big way, so they do all tend to blend into one, but there is one that stands out for me.

It was Christmas 2001 and it was a Christmas that we spent with all our kiwi friends while they were all still living in the UK.  We knew that they were all going to start heading back home over the following couple of years, so this would be the last Christmas that we all spent together.

It was one of those beautiful winter days, bitterly cold, but sunny and crisp (as forecasted),so we'd decided a couple of days beforehand that we would have a barbecue for Christmas dinner, and it went perfectly.  Cameron, Roy and Barry manned the barbecue and produced a meal that was pretty much close to perfection!

We got a fire pit going, and kept warm with plenty of mulled wine (we ran out of clean glasses, but ever resourceful, I didn't let a little thing like that inconvenience me, as you can see!)

All in all, it was a fantastic, and very slightly bittersweet day, spent in the company of people I love dearly and miss daily.

It was a very special Christmas!
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