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December Meme - 4th December

siennavie asked the following question of everyone, and I've slotted it in here because I didn't have a question for the 4th:
Winter sports (skiiing, ice skating, etc): Yes/No? Skill level? Share a story

Okay, simple answer; winter sports?  NOPE!

I hate winter, I hate snow and I hate ice with a vicious fiery passion.

I've been ice-skating a few times and I'm pretty rubbish at it, I can do nothing but skate round in a circle, using the wall to stop myself.  I've never been skiing, and have absolutely no desire to do so.  I love mountains, and I can really see the appeal of being in such a beautiful, fresh and wild environment, but the thought of hurtling down one strapped onto two planks of wood with no brakes?  No, thanks.

So, in terms of interesting winter sports stories from me, as you can imagine they're a bit thin on the ground.  However ...

Despite what I said above, one of my most favourite places in the world to visit is Iceland.  Unlike the UK which is paralysed by fourteen snowflakes, Iceland can be buried under ten million feet of snow, and life goes on there as if nothing's happening.  It's such a fascinating and amazing country that I am perfectly willing to brave wintry stuff to go there.

On one of my many trips there, we arranged a dog sledding trip out on the glacier, and when we arrived at meeting point the following morning, we were introduced to our team; seven dogs (entires) and one bitch.  Apparently that morning, the bitch had come into heat, so we were warned that the dogs might be a bit distracted.



We spent the whole day with the sled zigzagging from side to side as the dogs all bundled aorund each other trying to get to this poor bitch, at one point the sled nearly overturned, and there can't be many people *points to self* who can boast that they've got motion sickness on a dogsled.

But all in all, it was a hilarious day and the dogs and the glacier were gorgeous - I'd do it again in a flash!

IMG_20141204_202815620 (2)

Sorry, it's a really rubbish picture, but it's behind glass!
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