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The Joys of Technology

It's tragic really, but with fanfic.net on the fritz since Saturday, I'm practically chewing the wallpaper off the walls with frustration not being able to post or read new fic.  I really need to get out more!

Drabble challenge on hiatus this Sunday with no new fics able to be posted, but I've had these sitting on my hard drive waiting to see the light of day, so congratulations LJ ... you get first look!

Challenge word - COSY

Disclaimer: Don't own them. The following two drabbles demonstrate why this is a good thing.

Rating: K
Genre: Angst/Family
Word Count: approx 100

Poor Dean's having a bad, bad night; he's exhausted, droopy and irritable and he just can't figure out why ...


Sprawled inelegantly on his belly, Dean smooshed his face into the pillow and sighed.

Why couldn't he sleep?

He knuckled tired eyes, and gnashed his teeth angrily, burrowing deeper under the quilt. He was warm and comfortable and cosy;

So why the hell couldn't he sleep?

Rolling onto his back, he yawned miserably.

He was exhausted so why, in the name of all things good and holy couldn't he friggin' sleep?

He stifled a furious frustrated sob.

Why, why, why?

Suddenly, the key turned in the lock, and Sam's silhouette appeared in the doorway.

Dean smiled.

Ah, that'll be why.



Rating: K
Genre: Brothers/family
Word count: approx 100

Sam's POV ... Sam reflects on his sleeping brother.

A short and dribblesome expedition into my hopelessly sappy sleeping Dean fixation. Sorry, but if you're going to release a challenge word like 'cosy', you've only got yourselves to blame!


Look at that!

It's hard to think that's my big brother; my badass, smart-mouthed big brother lying there, all cosy, hugging the blanket and looking all of nine years old.

All the pain that our life has carved into his face vanishes when he sleeps; It's the only time he seems at peace.

That's if you can call it 'at peace'. He fidgets and huffs, twitching like a dog chasing rabbits in his dreams … only Dean's probably chasing some hot chick.

Whatever he's dreaming, I hope it's something nice ...


Don't ever tell him; but I could watch him sleep all night!




Tags: brothers, dean winchester, insomnia, sam winchester, sleeping, sleeping!dean, supernatural

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