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Okay, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist ... December Meme

Okay, so virtually my entire F-list is doing this meme, so it would be rude not to ;)

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about on that date. Give me a question or topic-- I'm going to say anything goes, either fannish or real life, whatever comes to mind, I will do my best to give you a moderately interesting response!

1st December - big_heart_june tell me what you love most about Dean and Sam.
2nd December - milly_gal The most memorable moment you've had in fandom since you discovered the wonderful world of fangirling?
3rd December - fairyniamh Gush about your all time favorite character (in ANY movie/television show.)
4th December - siennavie Winter sports (skiiing, ice skating, etc): Yes/No? Skill level? Share a story
5th December - milly_gal Best ever xmas day? and why?
6th December
7th December - milly_gal What is your fave thing about being within the spn fandom?
8th December -tifachingTalk to me about the favorite animal portrait you've done.
9th December
10th December
11th December
12th December
13th December - just_ruth any favorite things you do to bring luck?
14th December
15th December - kinkthatwinked If you could have Dean & Sam over for the holidays, what would you do to help make up for all the lousy Christmases they've had in the past?
16th December
17th December - tifaching You have more ways to get Dean naked than anyone I've ever read. And I love you for it. How do keep coming up with them?
18th December
19th December
20th December
21st December
22nd December
23rd December
24th December - just_ruth any special tricks to not going insane during Christmas?
25th December
26th December - wings128 Tell us about a book that has stayed with, one that you go to for rereads, one whose characters kept you thinking about them, long after your first read.
27th December
28th December
29th December
30th December
31st December - amberdreams now Crowley's been reunited with his Mum, they can celebrate Hogmanay together for the first time for a good few centuries. How do you think that will go?
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