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Okay, I know I'm late to this partaaaaay ...

I know I'm late to this party but real life has been stamping its feet over the last couple of days ...

Beware of spoilers below ...

I'm struggling to put into words how much I loved this!  I've heard some people say parts of it made them cringe, and yes it did; in a gloriously gut-churning 'Dean - grimly' kind of way.  I'm on such a high about it at the moment, I even skipped the gym this morning, so that I could squeeze in a sneak watch before work!

I could ramble on for yonks, but I won't inflict that on you - instead, here's ten things I loved about 10.05 ...

1. Let's start at the shallow end, shall we?  BICEPS!  Grubby, sweaty forearms, perky nipples under single layers!!!
2. Baby being loved and cared for by her number one man.
3. The boys' contrasting reactions to the show: soppy Sam's empathy and Dean's outrage.
4. 'You know they're brothers, right?'  That one never gets old.
5. Dean's exasperated glare at the camera :D
6. The girls' lovely singing voices.
7. Calliope - "I can't even ..." (Did anyone else laugh out loud at that?)
8.  Tentacles - WAHEY!
9. Castiel's sad little song was so SWEET!
10. The Winchester family singing a truly beautiful arrangement of 'Carry on' - AND THEY INCLUDED BOBBY!!! *Happy dance*   The boys reactions!  Okay, a reapplication of mascara may have been necessary before I left the house this morning.
11. Chuck; dear, sweet Chuck!  (I know I said ten, but the ideas just kept coming; anyway, I never said I was good at maths)

One thing I didn't like about 10.05.

It ended.
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