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Jensen Shameless Objectification Spams - Masterpost

I've been having a little trawl back through my journal and noticed that I seem to have quite a collection of Jensen picspams behind me now.  As you may be aware, over recent months, I've been celebrating our lovely boy's various bodily particles in one form or another, and so I've decided it was time to bring them all together into this masterpost.

It will, of course, be regularly added to, and hopefully, I'll eventually be able to bring you a whole Jensen via this post (I should be so lucky).

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the prettiness and enjoy the bits I've gathered together, remember to mop up your drool - we don't want any accidents - and don't leave teethmarks!

have fun ...


Green Eyed Handsome Man - a Jensen Face Picspam
Best Foot Forward - a Jensen Feet Picspam
Accidental Tummy Peekage - Part Deux
Eye Crinkles
Chest and Back
Bow Legs
nether regions
accidental tummy peekage


Superhero - a Jensen Birthday celebration picspam
Dean and Jensen Advent Event - Jensen Characters Picspam
Deeply Touched - a Jensen touchy-feely Picspam (J2M)
Water Sight to behold - a Wet Jensen picspam (j2)
Lock and Load - a birthday lockdown spam for JJ1564
True Blue - an analysis of the colour blue through the medium of Jensen
Man of Many Talents - A Multi-talented Jensen Picspam (J2)
Animal Attraction: A Jensen With Animals Picspam (J2M)
A Singular Man - a single-layered Jensen Picspam
Man of Action - a Sporty Jensen Picspam (J2M)
Hats off to Jensen
Well, that was 2018 - a New Year Jensen Picspam (J2M)
Dressing Up and Dresssing Down - A Jensen (Dean) Costume Picspam (J2)
Fifteen Times Jensen Really Shouldn't have been a Sexy Beast
Hot Stuff - a Sweaty Boys Picspam (J2M)
Party on Boys; a JJ1564 Birthday Picspam (J2M)
Sasha-Dragon Hurt Comfort Birthday Spam
F-F-Fudging F-F-Fabulous - a Jensen Fortieth Birthday Picspam
Seasons Greetings - a J2M Christmas Picspam (J2M)
Ten Reasons why I'm not inviting J2M to JJ1564's Birthday Party Picspam (J2M, well duh!)
J2M - Force of Attraction.  A scientific Picspam (J2M)
Laughter is the Best Medicine - A Jensen Laughter Picspam (J2M)
Cosmically Happy Spam (J2M)
Jensen GIF Spam
Random Jensen 'to brighten up a crappy day' Spam - for JJ1564
Wink Spam
The Red Plaid Shirt of Total Awesomeness Spam
In Honour of the Dead Guy Robe
Great Big Huge Enormous High Quality Jensen Spam
Happy Happy Joy Joy - Spam of Random Dorky Happiness (J2M)
Phantom Traveller - a Celebration of Baby Winchesters (J2)
Dorky Jensen
Jensen Scrumptiousness I've Never seen Before
June's Birthday Spam - A Journey around Jensen
Jensen - Through The Years
Jensen Birthday Spam
What's Black and White and Green all over?
Milly's Birthday Spam (featuring Jared)
In all Seriousness (J2M)
An Alphabetical Assemblage of Ackles
For Milly and JJ - the Ackles effect
sleeping Dean
why the *fudge* do we do it? (J2M)
mini Jensen
alpha male
shirtless Jensen
Jensen smile
three beautiful dorks (J2M)
just because
hurt Dean


The Strands of Time - a Sam Hair Picspam
Heaven Eleven (Misha - featuring J2)
Happy Bellated Birthday to our Mishaliciously Un-Normal Overlord
Jared Spectacular Hair Spam
Jared and Gen Love Day
The lovely Misha - Birthday Spam
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