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Jensen armpit spam

*Ahem* I take no responsibility for the content of this spam.

This idea came into being following a slightly surreal armpit-centred comment exchange on jj1564's gorgeous Dean spam here.

The lovely JJ has been feeling a little bit down in the dumps today, and so it is with great delight that I'm gifting her with a little bit of armpit love to cheer her up.

And that, right there, is probably the strangest sentence I've ever written.

111 (2)

On the plus side, I now have an 'armpit' tag!


Let's face it, armpits aren't exactly the first body part your mind strays to ...

45783_109232409135655_109224142469815_85341_2534825_n (2)

But then, these are Jensen's armpits we're talking about.


Jensen doesn't get them out often enough.


When he does, it seems to be quite a traumatic event.


Speaking of trauma, I've never seen an armpit look embarrassed before ...


Jensen's very protective of his armpits.

SV415-69 (2)

This spam is temporarily on hold while Dizzo retreats into hurt/comfort heaven

3488093_9bc06bbe-f0ab-4265-96a8-00cdf47e6f22-4204-194722315593-757375593-7028728-1379573-n-web_400_400_16384 (2)

Hurt/comfort heaven with optional armpits.

sv-jensen12[1] (2)

But because Dizzo is a decent and well-adjusted individual ...

Who is not at all twisted or pervy ...

tumblr_n4awdmCYMo1rjv5ozo2_r2_500 (2)

She would never even contemplate taking advantage of Jensen, or his armpits ...

SV415-74 (2)

In such a ticklish an unfortunate situation.


The shower is always a good place to catch a glimpse of those elusive armpits.


You have to be quick ...


But there's always a glimpse to be had - even if it's black and white.


Sometimes they get a bit sweaty.

Jensen Ackles Days of our Lives wet 4

And when they do, Jensen goes to extreme lengths to keep them nice and fresh.

Angelic (2)

Sometimes Jensen's armpits are shy and they like to hide.


But, given that they're so close to his shoulders and chest ...


Looking for them isn't exactly an inconvenience.


You can even catch a peek at a perky nipple or two if you're lucky ...


Ladies, for your delectation, I give you ... the armpit of joy.
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