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A call for help from one of our own!

Originally posted by milly_gal at Oh Bugger-Old Job Woes.

*Hides* God this is embarrassing...but I literally don't have another choice. I'm sorry.


As you all know, I have a wonderful new job. I'm finally free from a place that treated me like a second class citizen, but, the old place is *still* managing to screw me.

I had to take a pay cut to take this job, which I was willing to do, but my old job still owed me money for the last month I worked which would have helped me make the transition.

I received an email from my old boss explaining that they won't be paying me on time, because there was a mistake made with the wages time sheets and because I was no longer working there, I 'fell through the cracks' and they can't rectify the issue for at least a fortnight.

I explained, loudly, that I have bills to pay, that cannot be deferred. And as our housemate is moving out this month, we won't have his money either, but apparently there's nothing they can do about this.

My husband would usually help cover my money issues, but unfortunately he's just paid out for a some work to be done to the car and our water bill, so he has no extra cash he can float my way.

I have about £650 worth of bills going out that I just can't cover. So anything you could give would help so very much. I hate to ask, this is so embarrassing, but I actually don't have another option.

You've all been *so* generous of late, helping with one of our own's money woes, and it's coming up to Christmas so I understand how stretched everyone is financially, but I knew I needed to ask.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

I'd be willing to offer up graphic artwork in exchange for any donation over £20. Icons, Banners, Wallpapers etc. For any and every pairing or subject.


Meanwhile, here's a picture of Dean trying to contemplate the spectacular stupidity of Milly's ex workplace ...
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