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Saving Supernatural - The Fangirl's Business

Originally posted by milly_gal

As many of you know, the United Kingdom fans have been informed that we won't be getting our DVD pre-orders for Season 9 Supernatural until at least March 2015, or possibly as late as November 2015.

Hell No!

We're not standing for it, we're gonna do something about it. If you could help, we would be utterly in your debt.

No matter what country you come from, no one should have to do without the Season 9 DVD's for THAT long!

A group of the UK fans have gotten together; alexisjane, myself, sasha_dragon, dizzojay and jj1564, along with one very lovely Kiwi, wings128, who wants us to be able to have our DVD's, and we've set up a petition to 'hand over' to the WB.

Click on the banner below and it will take you to the petition site.


If you could all share this around, pimp the hell out of it, get as many signatures on it as possible, we would be so grateful!
please, if you pimp outside of Lj eg: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc, don't use any Lj usernames, just add the petition banner and link :)

Thank you ladies!

credit for the banner goes to the lovely alexisjane
Tags: fandom, season 9, supernatural

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